Kick-of meeting

Kick-Off Meeting in Bayreuth

On 5th of October  the project “Partial Certification of Information Security Competences – TeBeISI” had its first meeting in Bayreuth, Germany. With this meeting, the project group initiated the working phase and kicked-off the activities which are to come in the next 3 years!

With partners from Italy (Paolo and Ana Laura from SCV), Poland (Joanna from WSBiNoZ), Lithuania (Irena from MRU), Austria (Paul from Hafelekar) and the local BF/M Team (David, Friderike and Jörgen), the project team is looking forward to  exchange new ides and to grow together into the topics at hand: Information Security is posing large difficulties towards SMEs in all partner countries. With progressing digitalization and increasingly formalized requirments (e.g. GDPR), firms ar eunder pressure to secure personnel capacities and to ensure the security of their firm i nthe digital age. With this background, TeBeISi and all the partners are looking forward to develop solutions within european boundaries to their SMEs, social partners and occupational institutions.

With the kick-off event, all partners brought into the discussion their perspective and presneted an initial desk research, which illustrated the situation in their respective partner country. An initial interview guide was shared and discussed, which in the upcoming months provides the project partners with plentiful information to increase the understanding of requirmeents and needs of employers and learners in the field. Finally, the projects oranizaiton was shared including amdinistrative and management procedures. All partenrs got to know each other well and enjoyed a keynote speach on the topic provided by Jörg Jaenichen, an expert in Information Security from Seven Principles GmbH.

The project team is looking forward to the next wonderful meeting!

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