Test yourself: Requirments for information security in SME

The TeBeISi project developed two questionnaires for the evaluation of competences related to information security. These questionnaires are aimed at personnel that is considering a new position. With the assessment, participants gain insights into their personal suitability, i.e. their disposition of character traits which are favourable working in information security, and their competences, i.e. their knowledge and skills actually required on the work place. Meanwhile the personality traits questionnaire relies on established self-reporting scales which have been fed with data from information security experts (please consider the research report for an exact description of the methodology), the self-assessment of competences is constructed by items which have been developed thoudhout a series of qualitative and quantitative interviews.

Please make sure to answer truthfully. By the end of the questionnaire, participants will have the possibility to download their results and to compare their answers with experts. It is advised that for the Self-Assessment of competences, experts provided their insights into recommendations for SMEs. Further, please note that there re no right or wrong anwers. For the personality questionnaire, please note that the result provides an indication, but not a recommendation. The result may vary if participants repeat the test several times.

Sample Report

Our self-assessment tool will allow you to test your skills relevant for information security. To ensure that you can derive some conclusions from the assessment, we have collected reference data from information security experts – which serve as a benchmarking for your own assessment.