Strengthen Security, strengthen SMEs

What can be done to improve information security in SME? This general question needs to be approached with a cohesive and systemic vision. Within the realm of the TeBeISi project, it became clear that information security among for firms start with employees, and information security for employees starts at home. With the backdrop of the underlying question of this project – what can be done to make employees follow secure practices – it became apparent that work routines reflect beliefs, sentiments and values which have been learned among a long period of time. To change work routines and thereby achieve better conduct of security regulations, the question emerged whether or not the education and training of employees should be analysed more fundemantally. With increasing malicious action, fraud, and misinformation campaigns in the public and private sphere, european citizens become increasingly subject to threats which are also expirienced in the corporate world. Education and sensitization of individuals as employees, but also as citizens, consequently renders a topic with promising benefits for the public safety and resilience. Read more in our strategic report.